StedyChefs Online Timesheet

We have a e-timesheet which can be completed online. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, we also have an image version which you can print.

Please take a screenshot of your page before submitting in case of connection errors. This can be sent over to the payroll department.

Client Name

Client Address

Please insert hours worked each day below. If you did not work on a particular day, please enter the value as 0.








We pay upto 50% of travel expenses. Please insert only the value which is equivalent to this amount.


CLIENT INFORMATION – By submitting this timesheet, this means that you / your company approve of the use of StedyChefs online timesheet. You do accept that a screen grab of these hours dictated by the online timesheet is fine for confirmation.


Please remember – Timesheets must be submitted by a Sunday to be paid the following Friday. Without a timesheet – we can not process wages.